5 reasons you’re not getting ANY matches on Bumble (or any other dating app).

Alright guys, today we’re going to talk about WHY you’re not getting any matches, and what you can do about it.

Give us a holler in the comments below with any other questions you may have that are match related.

1. You post way too many selfies.

Rule number one - ABSOLUTELY NO SELFIES. The only guys that genuinely like selfies (or provocative photos) just want to hook up with you. If you’re good with that, by all means go for it, but the stand up fellas do not want to see this.

P.S. Please do not use any weird snapchat filters/screenshots - this does not work.

Never ever. It’s a huge turnoff for guys. 

2. You’re not on the app enough

OMG we hear this all the time. Why don’t I have any matches, no one matches with me, blah blah blah…

When we get deeper and ask: “Ok Katie, how often do you go on the app?”

“I dunno, maybe once every week…”

No shit Katie!

We need to expand the opportunities to match with great guys, so that means hopping on once a day for 10 min or so and swiping like a mad woman. It’s ok if you miss a day here or there, but you need to make it a priority in order to get results. 

3. Picture order is out of whack

Don't post too many of the same type of photo, we want to show that we're exciting and engaging badasses.

Here's what we've seen to work well:

1. First pic should be of you an one friend, posing in a jolly way.

2. Second pic should be of you solo, this one can be more standard.

3. Third pic should be an adventurous or funny picture.

4. Fourth pic should be of you in a group.

5. Fifth pic should be of you and one friend - posing at an outdoor venue.

There’s no need for more than five pics. Simmer down w

4. Your description is way too much (or not enough)

Do not over elaborate in this area, guys want to see 1-2 lines about you, that make you seem fun and exciting.

We recommend:

1. Your favorite quote i.e. "To live is the rarest thing in the world, most people simply exist" - Oscar Wilde

2. One funny sentence i.e. "Fluent in sarcasm, also in the English language"

3. A few emojis (you get this one, let us hope)

5. The picky swipe

Left, left, left, left, left, left, left, right, left, left, left....

Look, we know that a lot of guys Bumble profiles are rough, but we need to start swiping right more.

If it's a definite no, then go forth and swipe left.

But if you hesitate at all -- perhaps you click into their photos or check out their description -- swipe right.

It'll give you more of a chance of meeting someone great and also practice your messages.

Stop being so picky, and you'll be surprised at who you'll match with and meet.

And always remember The Golden Rule -- guys always look better in person.

Got a question or comment? Let us know in the comments below!


3 simple ways to ACTUALLY get a response on Bumble.

I hear it all the time. I get matched with a bunch of guys, but no one ever responds to me! 

It's super frustrating, isn't it?! Good news is - there is a SOLUTION.

If you're not getting matched, head over here to find out why.

Follow these 3 simple steps and see the responses (and dates) come flowing in:

1. Judge the right thing.

And the right thing isn’t necessarily pictures…


I know, I know. Obviously we’re going to judge the pictures, but what’s more important to take a look at is the description. 

Guys who take the time to write something in the description (even if it’s short) care more about going on dates. Now, I’ve seen descriptions like ‘Only on here to date pretty college girls’ — obviously do not go for that guy. 

We’re all smart people, and I trust you to judge descriptions wisely.

Plus, we must always remember The Golden Rule — guys always look better in person.

2. Have a great opening line.

No one wants to receive a message that says ‘Hey!’. 

UGH, so boring. 

Guys want you to be engaging and exciting, the same way you want them to be, am I right?

For the opening line, you definitely want to ask a question, and dear lord please do not say ‘How’s it going?’. If I found out you said this, I will have to slap you.

A few of our favorites are below:

1. ’So this is my first day on Bumble, how am I doing so far?’

*This is fine to say even if you’ve been on Bumble for years, they don’t have to know*

‘2. So I have an extra plane ticket to Hawaii, want to come?’

*Feel free to switch up the location, but make it exciting.*

‘3. You seem like the type of person who’d be great at drinking beer, am I wrong?’

*Feel free to switch up what they're great at, but acknowledging they're awesome is what guys CRAVE - make them feel awesome.*

3. Follow Up.

Just like anything in life, people forget to respond or to even check Bumble. I’ve gone days without doing so and didn't even notice people were waiting for responses.

If someone doesn’t respond within two days, it’s ok to send them another note — the best line to do here ‘I gotta say *INSERT NAME HERE*, didn’t take you as someone who ignored people ;)’

Someone who follows up in a playful way exudes confidence, and shows that they don’t care about the result. The wink face is VERY important here to include.

By doing this, you’ll attract the right type of guy who simply forgot to respond and avoid the ones who are assholes and not looking for a date.

Let us know in the comments below how these tactics worked out for you, we can't wait!