Are you sick of all the bullsh*t?

Give us a holler if any of this has ever happened to you:

 The program that gets you what you want. 

The program that gets you what you want. 

  • Two hours after a first date, you're still waiting for a response to your 'thanks for the drinks! I had a great time' text and getting more and more frustrated as each minute goes by...
  • You wake up the next morning, check your phone, and he STILL hasn't responded. WTF?
  • Friday night, you head out to a crowded bar, hoping that cute guy with the green button up and messy hair will saunter up and ask to buy you a drink.
  • He never does. Your friends (all with boyfriends, btw) tell you to just go say hello, but you don’t know how and DEFINITELY don’t want to get rejected…
  • You go out with a 'nice' guy from your office and tell yourself that you could learn to like him. 
  • You’re sick of being the only one without a date at your friend’s weddings, third wheeling dinner dates, and going solo to your company holiday party.
  • Your same friends tell you ‘love will come when you least expect it’ time and TIME again.
  • Every day, you see yourself settling for less of what you REALLY want. 

We've been there, and we're here to help.


Keep reading if you are sick of hearing the same questions from your family and friends...

Questions like:


Are you dating anyone?

Whatever happened to that guy?

Although we know they mean well (special thank you to Aunt Susan for berating us with questions at the last family reunion)...



My guess is that you thought you would have a boyfriend by now...

 Sarah, a member of the BF community and her boyfriend Charlie + dog Winny.

Sarah, a member of the BF community and her boyfriend Charlie + dog Winny.

That you would be living together, on your way to getting married and building a life you love, with the man of your dreams.

You wake up on Sunday morning and cooking fluffy pancakes together, drink a cup of coffee on the couch, your legs entangled in his. He pulls you in, kisses you on the cheek, and you smile -- he smiles back and whispers ‘I love you’.

You both head out to run some errands in the crisp fall weather, riding shotgun with the windows down and the radio blasting the new Chainsmokers song. You stop by a cafe on the way back and grab a late lunch, basking in the warm sun on a perfect September afternoon.

Later that day, you both head back out to the grocery store to buy ingredients for dinner, and cook up an amazing pasta dish together with a glass of Cabernet and Frank Sinatra playing softly in the background. Holding hands and dancing around in the kitchen -- tripping on each other’s feet for the majority of it -- but laughing the whole time.

This is how it should be, shouldn’t it?


Each and every day you see another engagement announcement on Facebook, or another wedding album...


You get more and more FRUSTRATED. You want a guy that treats you well, sends you roses at work on your birthday, holds your hand walking down the aisle at the grocery store, and texts ‘How’s your day, gorgeous?’ on a dreary Monday afternoon...

But so far, all it’s been is drinks with guys from Tinder and Bumble in dark bars, awkward conversations, and lack of that SPARK factor. Everyone talks about it, that SPARK... but where the hell is it??!


Are you sick and tired of waiting around?


The only thing worse than seeing these announcements and going on these awful dates day after day, week after week...

Is thinking that 6 months -- or 1 year -- from now it'll be THE EXACT SAME WAY.

No boyfriend, no engagement in sight.

Sound familiar?


Introducing, The Boyfriend Project.

 It only take 6 weeks, and we'll guide you every step of the way.

It only take 6 weeks, and we'll guide you every step of the way.

Get a boyfriend in 8 weeks, backed by the science of male human behavior.

If you are:

  • A woman in your 20s or 30s
  • Sick of dating assholes
  • Tired of waiting around for a guy to text you back, nervous that he won’t and you’ll feel like an idiot.
  • Done with sitting at the singles table
  • Ready to take action on your love life

Then listen up.

Our proven coaching program, used by women in their late 20s and early 30s, gives you a an easy to follow, step-by-step plan to find and turn the right guy into your boyfriend in as little as 8 weeks, putting you on a path to engagement, marriage, and living a life you love, with the man of your dreams.

A man that makes you a better person, that supports your dreams, and puts you first and foremost - each and every day.

We’re not super gorgeous or super in shape or anything out of the ordinary -- we’re just a team of down to earth women that use our simple system to get what we want.

This system is NOT for you if:

-You expect a quality guy to fall from the sky.

-You're fine with continuing to date below average guys.

-You aren’t willing to put in 1-2 hours per week to improve your love life.

-You believe in only ‘fate’ and ‘destiny’ to find love.

-You aren’t open to trying new things.

 Our team trying to pose artsy in this abandoned gas station. Did it work?

Our team trying to pose artsy in this abandoned gas station. Did it work?

Our BP Coaching Program is different than anything else out there, because not only have we tested it with all different types of guys and all different types of personalities -- but it’s actually backed by the SCIENCE of male human behavior.

Male human behavior AKA how the male human’s DNA is hardwired. Every male is hardwired in a certain way, and we guarantee that our mindset tactics, methods, and step by step plan will get you not just any boyfriend -- but a great boyfriend.

Here at The Boyfriend Project, we say HELL NO to feeling lonely, hopeless, waiting for guys to come to us, leaving it up to 'fate' and 'destiny'.

How many times have you waited for a guy to text you back? Watching your phone and feeling PATHETIC?

Ugh. We hate it too, but luckily it doesn’t have to be this way.

Our simple and easy-to-follow system breaks through all the bullshit, all the chaos, and puts you on a path to living a life you love, with the man of your dreams.


 Katie, a member of the BP community, with her boyfriend Jack on vacation in Puerto Rico.

Katie, a member of the BP community, with her boyfriend Jack on vacation in Puerto Rico.

With The BF Project Coaching Program, you’ll LEARN:

  1. The simple questions to ask to find out if a guy has potential or is simply an asshole. We’re all about saving you time and avoiding creepers + players.

  2. How to look for body cues on what he is REALLY thinking. We’ll teach you specific stances, body postures, and tell-all expressions that will get you to the point asap.

  3. How to keep him wanting MORE. Have him texting you, calling you, begging you for more dates and more time with you.

  4. How to guarantee the upper hand in the relationship. Never feel hopeless or uncertain again.

  5. How to make him WANT you -- yes, we’re talking about all that hot and steamy sex. There are certain phrases, certain gestures, certain looks that will have him craving you all day, every day.

  6. How to eliminate going on a bad date, and stop wasting your time on guys that won’t commit or are simply rude/an asshole.

  7. How to guarantee your friends will love your new guy, and will want to go on double dates.

  8. How to take it from casually dating, to exclusively dating, to having the boyfriend/girlfriend chat.


What can you expect from The Boyfriend Project?

We're glad you asked. 

BF project circles.jpg

And the great news is, the entire BP Coaching Program is backed by the science of human behavior.

What makes him crave you, what makes him hate you, what makes him love you, and what he doesn’t give a f*ck about. 

We dive into how every man’s DNA causes them to think, act, react, and go about life - and teach you how to use it TO YOUR ADVANTAGE. 

It's about time that us women were in control of our own dating and love lives, AM I RIGHT?

Wouldn’t it be great to know exactly what your date is thinking, all by paying attention to a few signs?


Be prepared to change your love life for the better, and be SHOCKED on how easy it really is to get an amazing boyfriend.


You'll have him wrapped around your finger in no time, and he'll be begging for more (and more and more).


Even better, we have an UNBEATABLE Guarantee:

Money Back Guarantee.jpg

The BP COACHING PROGRAM for a full 90 days, 100% risk-free.

Try the entire program, and if you don’t absolutely LOVE IT, we insist that you get 100% of your money back. We’ll even eat the credit card processing fees.

It’s simple: join our community and try it for yourself. If the powerful mental strategies, frameworks, and science don’t help improve your love life within 90 days, email us. Show us you put in the work, and we’ll give you all your money back.

That means you can try the entire program, and then decide if it’s for you.

 Megan, a member of the BP community with her boyfriend, John on vacation in Grand Cayman.

Megan, a member of the BP community with her boyfriend, John on vacation in Grand Cayman.



Are you ready to take control and get a boyfriend?

Listen up.




We only select a few women each month who are ready to rock and finally get the man they deserve.

Are you one of these people?


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